About us

Research on fine bubbles has been conducted in Poland for over 20 years. It began in 1996 in the Department of Chemical Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology.

One of the pioneers of the research is one of the co-founders of Fine Bubble Technologies, dr inż. Andrzej Mróz, who developed original, effective, and energy efficient methods of producing fine bubbles. Thanks to that, we can offer the benefits of using this revolutionary technology without licensing foreign solutions. Dr Mróz constructed many fine bubble generators, and can boast over 200 successful implementations of the technology both in Poland and abroad.

Radical Innovation

Use of fine or ultrafine bubbles, as a unique form of nanotechnology, has all the characteristics of radical innovation on the level of the steam engine, the computer or the mobile phone.

Previously unknown effects and an exceptionally wide range of uses make the technology able to cause beneficial changes in many fields of both our social and economic lives:

  • increase the overall health of society by simplifying the production of healthy foods, prolonging shelf life, as well as delivering many innovative uses in medical diagnostics and therapy
  • contribute to the improvement of the state of the natural environment
  • increase competitiveness of companies in different industries, by limiting the use of energy and chemicals
  • create a new branch of the industry, based on utilising phenomena taking place on the border of gases and liquids on a sub-micron scale


We will continue the BubbleFoot project – thank you ACTTiVAte!

We have received confirmation that our final report in the ACTTiVAte project has been accepted. This marks the end of this stage of works on BubbleFoot – a device for diabetic foot carboxytherapy with the use of micro- and nanobubble technology (MNB). The support we received from the ACTTiVAte project was manifold. In addition to …

A distinguished award from the University of Warsaw

With great joy at yesterday’s gala, we received the distinguished award from Almæ Matris of two of us (Jacek Kosiec and Artur Thielmann), awarded to our company in the UW Entrepreneur of the Year competition. The jury of the competition appreciated the potential of the technologies we propose and the contribution that we can make …