Let us list a few example areas of fine bubble technology applications:


Plant life cultivation, livestock, fish and seafood breeding:

  • oxygen, nitrogen, and mineral salt transport
  • plant growth acceleration in both traditional and hydroponic cultivation
  • health enhancement in livestock, especially aquatic animals

Food processing and preservation:

  • installation decontamination – substituting detergents and preservatives
  • increased quality of products such as mayonnaise or drinks
  • live fish and seafood transport
  • prolonged shelf life of meat, fruit, and vegetables

Medicine, pharmaceutics, cosmetology:

  • tool and device sterilisation
  • disinfection and accelerated healing of wounds (e.g. diabetic foot)
    improvement of tissue oxygenation, metabolism stimulation
  • medication transfer through skin and mucous membranes
  • deposit fragmentation (e.g. kidney stones)
  • immune system stimulation
  • hypoallergenic soaps and peeling

Environmental protection:

  • wastewater treatment: removal of oily substances and suspended solids
  • smog reduction by use of fine bubble enhanced fog
  • water bodies revitalisation

Cleaning without the use of scouring, abrasive, solvent, or detergent solutions of:

  • steel constructions
  • toilets
  • semiconductor crystals
  • washing and rinsing of fabrics

Power generation, mining and production processes:

  • part and component cleaning in electronic and space industries
  • flotation effectiveness increase
  • increased effectiveness of organic synthesis
  • increased effectiveness of cooling and heating
  • new functional materials


  • increased effectiveness of liquid fuel combustion
  • successful creation of emulsions e.g. 50% diesel / 50% water
  • lowered flow resistance in e.g. pipes or ship movements
  • plane de-icing
  • cleaning of transport tanks and containers