About us

Research on fine bubbles has been conducted in Poland for over 20 years. It began in 1996 in the Department of Chemical Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology.

One of the pioneers of the research is one of the co-founders of Fine Bubble Technologies, dr inż. Andrzej Mróz, who developed original, effective, and energy efficient methods of producing fine bubbles. Thanks to that, we can offer the benefits of using this revolutionary technology without licensing foreign solutions. Dr Mróz constructed many fine bubble generators, and can boast over 200 successful implementations of the technology both in Poland and abroad.

We plan to build a group of companies and institutions around Fine Bubble Technologies, which will share our conviction about the enormous possibilities which the technology of fine bubbles opens. We invite partners who will cooperate with us in:

  • researching the physics of phenomena on interphase surfaces and of micro- and macroscopic properties of colloidal systems of gases and liquids
  • researching the effects – both direct and long term – of employing fine bubbles in specific uses
  • developing new techniques of generating, measuring, and monitoring the bubbles
  • formulating and implementing new products and services based on the technology of fine bubbles