We received financing for our subsidiary

Today, the Extraordinary General Meeting of our subsidiary – Water Bubble Technologies sp. z o.o., took place, which changed the Company Agreement and introduced a new partner. It is ASI Bridge Alfa Bitspiration Booster sp. z o.o. sp. k. – an investment fund that decided to invest in WBT the money of its (private) founders and to transfer a grant from the National Fund for Research and Development. Water Bubble Technologies will commercialize fine bubble technology in two areas: improving the quality and reducing the costs of wastewater treatment, so that water can be returned to the local hydrological system and water purification for communal and industrial purposes. Thanks to the innovative approach to the construction of the treatment plant, it will be possible to achieve the same efficiency as for traditional treatment plants, occupying 20% ​​of the area, using 50% energy, eliminating the use of aggressive chemicals, producing better quality output water and sludge suitable for recycling and eliminating the emission of odours. Water purification plants designed by WBT will produce healthier drinking water or better purified water for technological purposes, also with significant energy savings and without the use of potentially harmful chemical agents for its disinfection. The water supply systems designed by WBT will be protected against the formation of microbiological biofilms and mineral deposition.